East Rock, seen from Yale Divinity Farm

Yale Divinity Farm

What: Yale Divinity Farm is a collaboration between Urban Resource Initiative and Yale Divinity School.
Who: YDS administrators teamed up with an invincible volunteer corps to build and cultivate the organic farm.
Where: On the Yale Divinity campus, near the dorms.
When: Now! It's growing as you read this.
Why: Because environmental stewardship is an act of faith. And because we love good food, grown well.
How to get involved: contact kai.hoffman-krull@yale.edu

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jumping in the Leaf Pile

We were about to build the compost bin when Scott spotted the leaf pile. We jumped in it, Scott did some death-defying front flips, and Justin used his remote controlled camera (note the remote in his right hand). One thing led to another...