East Rock, seen from Yale Divinity Farm

Yale Divinity Farm

What: Yale Divinity Farm is a collaboration between Urban Resource Initiative and Yale Divinity School.
Who: YDS administrators teamed up with an invincible volunteer corps to build and cultivate the organic farm.
Where: On the Yale Divinity campus, near the dorms.
When: Now! It's growing as you read this.
Why: Because environmental stewardship is an act of faith. And because we love good food, grown well.
How to get involved: contact kai.hoffman-krull@yale.edu

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Barn Raising (or setting down)


This video (taken from an overturned tomato pot) shows the team placing the LAST lumber square. It culminates 3 days of Olympian team work. Thanks to Alice for the photo and YouTube post.

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  1. Good job guys! Sorry that Sarah and I couldn't be there for the end of it, but it looks great!