East Rock, seen from Yale Divinity Farm

Yale Divinity Farm

What: Yale Divinity Farm is a collaboration between Urban Resource Initiative and Yale Divinity School.
Who: YDS administrators teamed up with an invincible volunteer corps to build and cultivate the organic farm.
Where: On the Yale Divinity campus, near the dorms.
When: Now! It's growing as you read this.
Why: Because environmental stewardship is an act of faith. And because we love good food, grown well.
How to get involved: contact kai.hoffman-krull@yale.edu

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Welcome to the Divinity Farm! We had our first work day last Friday, and though it rained we got a great start with some amazing help. Saturday the sun came out and so did a ton of volunteers. We dug rows, weeded, planted seeds, built edging, spread mulch, and filled our burm border with a huge assortment of wildflowers and beans.

Here are the vegetables we are growing at the farm: tomatoes, basil, scallions, summer and winter squash, cucumbers, sweet corn, rosemary, snap beans, soybeans, zucchini, lettuce, sage, bell peppers, hot peppers, anice hyslop...

Here's our story in pictures, so far.

The untouched plot, ready for digging.
The 'dozer arrives.
Dean Attridge mans the machine.
One of the biggest jobs, moving the sod, is complete.
Chris and Andy weed the compost.
The 'dozer helps move the compost (still full of weeds) to the garden.
Justin moves the last of the moist, rich compost over to the garden site.
More help arrives! Alice, Andy, Gerald, and Father Joseph start tying beds off into rows.
The broadfork stops for lunchtime...
The beds are shaping up!
James and Emily plant scallion seeds.
Jamey assembles the edging for the first bed.
Justin and Jamey plant lots of beans - both snap and soy.
The sun goes down at the end of a hard day's work. A Divinity School resident inspects our work.
The corn bed gets edging.
Andy shows Carmen our tomato and basil starts.
Rachel greets a community member as she finishes the edging for our raised bed.

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